Certech Products

Wafer Measurement & Wafer Surface Inspection

Wafer Inspection Systems "Defect"

MM & Tri-Channel Defect Inspection; Wafer, Glass, Disk. For dimples, pits, scratches, edge inspection, slip to 300mm capability

Wafer Inspection

UV Spot Curing

Deep UV Spot Curing System, High output 200W

Highly Efficient Infrared Cut Filter Eliminates Radiation Heat Damage
Successful cut of infrared radiation using high performance coating technology on internal optics eliminates heat radiation from UV lamp. Samples are cured without heat but with strong UV energy !

Uniform Square Area Exposure

Intensity uniformity over square area is about ±10%. Adequate for large lens adhesion and proximity mask a aligning process.

Multi Purpose Optical Design
UV Curring for wafers


Measures geometry of silicon wafers. Desktop instrument. Contact less operation due to capacitive sensors. Measures wafers in 5 seconds.

Wafer guage