Certech Products
Portable particle countersparticle counting and particle measurement to help evaluate air quality and air cleaning performance across a wide range of applications. These particle counters give important information about air quality measurement in clean rooms and any other place where particle counting or particle size is important. Offered is a range of portable particle counters that are light weight and durable.  Models include stainless steel enclosures for chemical resistance and ESD control. Units will do particle sizing and print particle count and particle size information to printer or computer. Report formats for ISO14644-1 and  FS209E calculation capability on most models.

Particle counters have served these markets: Clean room, Pharmaceutical, Life Sciences, Bio Medical, Semiconductor, Microelectronics, Disk drive, Aerospace, Industrial Hygiene, Labs, QA, QC, Medical, Hospital, MEMS, Compound Semiconductor, III-V, GaAs, Silicon, Wafer