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Certech is an established technology organization providing equipment and services for microelectronics, life science, industrial, food, and pharmaceutical manufacturing companies.


Founded in 1990 in the Bay Area.  We have products for clean room, solar, semiconductor, industrial, food, pharmaceutical, precision cleaning, optics, disk drive, bioscience and other related manufacturing or technology industries.


Specialization in Boilers, steam heaters, DI water and chemical or gas inline heaters, wafer spinners, wafer processing and industrial products.

Requirements for clean room handling include a line of portable clean rooms, clean room lifting devices, cranes, jib arms, gantry cranes, hoists, engineering design, fabrication, installation and testing.


Our life science markets include, pharmaceutical, bio-tech, R&D laboratory.

Microelectronics markets include, wet processing, cleaning, plating, mold injection,  semiconductor, aerospace, MEMS, GaAs, IIIV, INP,  compound semiconductor, DOD industries and many others.


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